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The Importance of Criminal Defense

People frequently ask me why I practice criminal defense, the implication that doing so is somehow tainted or dirty. My short answer is … for Freedom. The longer answer is that I cannot think of something more important than helping protect and preserve people's constitutional rights and freedoms ensuring our country remains free.

Though they don't like to admit it, police and prosecutors are literally in the business of taking away the personal freedoms and rights of people members of the community through fines, jail, imprisonment, requiring the forfeiture of constitutional rights and more. While they're role is important is a well run society, they are not the ones making sure your rights are being upheld in particular cases. In fact in many cases they are so intent on making a case that they justify a violation of someone's constitutional rights calling it a "technicality" instead of what it really is, a violation of the Constitution, the supreme and most important law of our country.

On the other hand, my job is to literally do everything I can to ensure the freedom and rights of my clients, fellow Americans, are respected and preserved. While the police and prosecutor are both justifying their intrusion into your rights, I make sure your rights are fully respected by carefully explaining such violations to the court. After all, it really doesn't matter what the Constitution says if the government is allowed to ignore it.

My work protects not only my client's, but the larger community as the police are always more careful to respect everyone's rights when they know there is someone who is willing to stand up and fight them if needs be. In the end it means we all live in a more free society.

I honestly cannot think of a more important life's work. And if the day ever comes that you are looking down the barrel of the full force of the government against you, you'll be glad to have a criminal defense lawyer as committed to protecting your rights and freedoms as you are standing by your side.

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