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Jeremy Snow is the best criminal defense lawyer in Cedar City. My husband had a court case that Jeremy was working on, and Jeremy got it dismissed for lack of evidence. My husband and I would recommend Jeremy Snow to everyone in Cedar City. He knows what he is doing. Thank you and you're awsome Jeremy.

                                                                     - J.H.

I ran into an unfortunate event and needed legal help. It was an easy decision for me to selecte Jeremy Snow. I contacted several other attorneys and it was still very clear that I had chosen the correct legal representation.

He was very very patient and I could tell that he did not see dollar signs every time he looked at me, very professional, very fair, did not add hidden fees and did not jack up the cost of his services at all and as a matter of fact- he did just the opposite. I would hire him again if I needed legal representation.

Thank you Jeremy for being professional, polite, honest, reliable and above all else- intelligent.

                                                                        - J.C.

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